Get an
edge on cryptos.

A lot of information on cryptos is available, but it is fragmented and difficult to retrieve.
Kryptview merges updated market data with user-generated fundamental analysis, all in one place. Making yourself an opinion about a token has never been this easy.

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Scoring crypto projects
has never been easier.

The platform features a proprietary tool inspired by professional due-diligence methods, the Scoring Wizard. It makes analyzing cryptos simple and fun.

Don’t get lost in your notebooks and excel
sheets anymore. Everything you need to research a project is there.

The Scoring Wizard organizes the scoring in 6 blocks of questions corresponding to the 6 pillars of our research framework.

Review community scorings.
Stay ahead.

The quality of the data published on the platform is guaranteed by a meticulously designed peer-review process.

Reviewers need to validate any scoring before it can get published. They are rewarded when their assessment is consistent with the reviewers’ consensus. Not to mention that reviewing other contributors’ scorings is the best way to discover new projects!

Discover community portfolios
& share yours.

Contributors can share portfolio models with the community and earn rewards if they beat the market.
Users can get inspired by the top analysts and observe their strategies.

Suggest your own, and if it performs well compared to the average evolution of the market, you earn rewards!

Climb your way to the top!

Kryptview’s proprietary
ranking system

Kryptview’s proprietary ranking system is inspired by gaming. If analysts’ contributions are of good quality, they climb the ranks, gaining weight in the community consensus. The higher your rank, the easier your scorings can get validated, and the more you can earn!