Last updated October 24, 2022

  1. KRYPTVIEW is a French incorporated company created in October 2021. KRYPTVIEW has conceived and operates a Platform dedicated to Cryptocurrencies.

When registering on the Platform, Members will be offered several functionalities, such as:

  • Access to structured data on Cryptocurrency’s fundamentals.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the Platform by editing and publishing Scorings and Reviews on Cryptocurrencies or by creating Portfolios and getting rewarded for doing so.
  • Access to the Community.
  1. Members are users, who have reached the age of the numerical majority in their country of residence, and who have created an Account on the Platform to access its full features.

Users are natural persons who have reached the age of the numerical majority in their country of residence, visiting KRYPTVIEW’s Platform whether they are Members or simply accessing standard content available to without having registered.

KRYPTVIEW and Users are collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

These Terms of Use define the legal and technical conditions under which KRYPTVIEW makes its Platform available to all Users, and include Kryptview’s Privacy Policy, which is located at https://corporate.kryptview.com/privacy-policy.

By accessing, browsing, registering, or logging in on the Platform, Users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and accepted these Terms of Use.



The terms and notions defined below, when used in these Terms of Use with a capital letter, whether in their singular or plural form, shall have the following meaning between the Parties:

Account”: means the Member’s personal account created on the Platform to allow the Member to access Member Features.

Community”: means all Members registered on the Platform and contributing to its contents.

Contribution”: means any Scoring, Review, Portfolio, or more generally any publication by a Member on the Platform accessible to the Community.

Cryptocurrency”: means any cryptocurrency, including digital assets, tokens and coins, that can be scored on the Platform / about which information may be published on the Platform.

Data protection laws”: means any applicable data protection laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 or “GDPR”).

Features”: means collectively the User and Member Features.

Logins”: means the username and password used by the Member to access his/her Account on the Platform.

Member”: means the User, a natural person who has reached the age of the numerical majority in his/her country of residence, and who has created a personal Account on the Platform.

Member account”: means the account created by the Member when registering on the Platform to access Member Features.

Member Features”: means the content, features, software and applications in the Platform accessible to its Members, as described in these Terms of Use. 

Personal data”: means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, meaning a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity of that natural person.

Platform”: means the web platform and/or mobile application operated and edited by KRYPTVIEW and made available to Users under the Terms of Use described herein.

Portfolio”: means the Cryptocurrency wallet created and posted by Members on their personal Account to be shared with the Community.

Profile”: means the public profile as edited and completed by a Member when registering or logging in on the Platform. Members’ Profiles can be consulted by other Members on the Platform.

Review”: means the process of reviewing another Member’s Scoring and submitting it on the Platform.

Rewards”: means the rewards offered to Members in the terms and conditions provided by these Terms of Use.

Scoring” means for a given Cryptocurrency, the process of filling in at least one of the six blocks of the scoring wizard provided by the Platform, including answers to close-ended questions (drop-down list) and open-ended questions (free text), and submission it on the Platform.

Terms of Use”: means the provisions set forth in this document, which is intended to cover the contractual relationship between Users and KRYPTVIEW.

Users”: means both the (i) Members and (ii) the Internet users, natural persons who have reached the age of the numerical majority in his/her country of residence, who browse the Platform without having registered and, therefore, without having an Account on the Platform (“Unregistered Users”).

User Features”: means the content and functionalities offered to Users when browsing the Platform and without registering.


The purpose of these Terms of Use is to define the technical and legal terms and conditions under which KRYPTVIEW grants Users a right to use the Platform and its Features.

2.1 Acceptance of these Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are accepted by Users when arriving and browsing the Platform, whether they are registered or not.

Continued browsing on the Platform for unregistered Users will be considered as their acceptation of these Terms of Use. If unregistered Users do not accept these Terms of Use they shall not use or browse the Platform.

Regarding Members, these Terms of Use are expressly accepted during their registration process.

Indeed, to submit the registration form, Members will need to check a box confirming they accept these Terms of Use and confirm they have reached the age of the numerical majority in their country of residence.

2.2 Modification of these Terms of Use

KRYPTVIEW reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, provided that it gives prior notice of any substantial changes to Users. Where necessary, substantial changes will be displayed on the Platform.

In any case, the latest version of these Terms of Use shall always be available in the footer of the Platform. By continuing to use the Features after the publication of the new version of the Terms and Conditions, Users will be deemed to have accepted all provisions and changes brought by such new version.

These Terms of Use represent the entire agreement between the Parties. They govern and cover the contractual relationship established between the Parties. This excludes the application of any other document.


The Platform aims to bring together people who want to contribute to the Community by sharing information, data and views on Cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrencies curious or enthusiasts, who are interested in gaining information about Cryptocurrencies.

For its Unregistered Users, the Platform allows access to standard information such as Cryptocurrency prices, volumes, market capitalization, average rating, etc. The information to which the Unregistered Users may access is public. 

For its Members, once logged in on their Account and in addition to User Features, the Platform will offer several advanced Features, such as:

  • The creation and edition of their Profile accessible to the Community.
  • The connection of their personal wallet to the Platform.
  • The edition and publishing of Contributions.
  • The access to other Members’ Profiles on the Platform.
  • The access to other Members’ Contributions.
  • The access to Rewards.
  • The access to the Member ranking system.
  • The access to news, articles, events and other KRYPTVIEW publications on the Platform.


4.1 Requirements when accessing the Platform

The Platform is made available through the KRYPTVIEW website – https://corporate.kryptview.com/ or directly by following the direct link to the Platform: https://kryptview.com/.

Any User may access the Platform through a device with Internet connection. The costs incurred by Users when accessing the Platform (e.g., internet access, cost of electronic device, etc.) are covered by them and shall not be charged to KRYPTVIEW.

Users are hereby informed that they may only access the Platform through the links mentioned above.

When accessing the Platform, Users undertake to:

  • Have the necessary means and skills to access the Platform.
  • Check their equipment / means used to access the Platform and make sure they use antivirus software.
  • Refrain from accessing or remaining on the Platform fraudulently, from hindering or altering its performance, in particular by introducing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or any other program likely to damage the Platform and/or harm KRYPTVIEW’s data.

4.2 Requirements when using the Platform

Users are informed that the Platform is made available for their personal use. Users are strictly prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, transfer, expose, replicate, publish, license, create a derivative work, communicate, or sell any content, image, photograph, video, and any other information obtained through their use of the Platform.

Users shall use the Platform in accordance with its initial purpose and shall refrain from using it for any purpose that could be deemed unlawful or contrary to these Terms of Use, or for any purpose that could damage KRYPTVIEW’s servers, the hosting provider of the Platform or interfere, in any way, with the use of the Platform by other Users.

Users shall refrain from accessing or trying to access to the software, systems and/or networks connected to the Platform by any means and action whatsoever (e.g., hacking, password recovery, etc.).

Users shall refrain from obtaining, trying to obtain or access content or information that is not voluntarily made available to them on the Platform.


5.1 Age requirements for registering on the Platform

As an essential condition of registration, all Users shall confirm that they have reached the age of the numerical majority in their country of residence.

This means that all Users must be able to use online services, such as the Platform, independently and without needing an authorization from a parental authority.

When registering, the User will have to check the age requirement box on the registration form. Checking this box is mandatory to confirm that the User is legally authorized to access and use the Platform and allow KRYPTVIEW to demonstrate proof of numerical majority where necessary.

By checking the age requirement box on the registration form, Users provide KRYPTVIEW with a declaration on their honor regarding their age.

All Users are formally informed that the registration process is forbidden for underage Users. The contents and Features provided by the Platform are not meant for underage Users.

5.2 Registration process on the Platform

When navigating on the Platform, and in order to access Member Features, Users will have the possibility to create an Account and register on the Platform.

The registration of a User will be processed through the use of the registration form, in which the User will provide his/her email address and a password.

When registering, Users undertake to implement a strong password, containing at least 12 characters and involving at least 3 of the 4 types of characters (lower case, upper case, number, special character).

When creating an Account, Users undertake to provide accurate information about their identity. Users must not provide contact or identification information that could create a risk of confusion in the minds of the public or other Members of the Platform. 

After having submitted the registration form, Users will be asked to confirm the creation of their personal Account by email. To-do so, Users will receive an email from KRYPTVIEW which will contain a link to confirm their registration on the Platform.

Once registered, Users become Members of the Platform and join the Community. Members will be able to access all Member Features, including the ability to edit their public Profile accessible by the Community.

5.3 Connection process to the Platform

How to sign-in – Members can connect to their personal Account through the “Sign-in” form available on the Platform.

When signing-in, Members will systematically be asked for their personal Logins including the email address and password used for registering.

Using a password to sign-in – when signing in, and for the duration of their use of their Account (including when a Member wishes to reset the password), Members shall comply with strong password rules, as defined above in section 5.2. This means that a Member’s password shall always include at least 12 characters with 3 of the 4 types of characters (lower case, upper case, number, special character).

Responsibility of Members regarding their Logins – the Logins are strictly personal and confidential. Members shall not, in any circumstances, communicate or share their Logins to third parties.

Therefore, Members acknowledge that they are solely responsible toward KRYPTVIEW or any other natural or legal person, for the use of their Logins by third parties and for any actions and/or statements made through their Account, whether fraudulent or not.

Where Members’ Logins have been hacked or used by a third party without Members’ authorization, Members are encouraged to reset immediately their password on the Platform. Members shall also immediately inform KRYPTVIEW if their Account has been fraudulently hacked.

Ultimately, any loss, misappropriation or use of Members’ Logins and any consequences thereof shall be the sole responsibility of Members. Consequently, Members shall guarantee KRYPTVIEW against any claim in this respect.

Signing out of the Account – at the end of a session, Members are encouraged to sign out of their Account in order to reduce the risks of intrusion by an unauthorized third party.


6.1 Description of User Features

Users can browse and navigate freely on the Platform. Without signing in or registering, Users may access standard contents made publicly available by KRYTPVIEW.

Users may also contact KRYPTVIEW by using the email link provided in the footer of the Platform. The contact email may be used for any request or inquiry brought by a User. KRYPTVIEW will do its best to handle Users requests efficiently and promptly, given that such requests are not abusive or malicious in nature.

Finally, Users may subscribe to KRYPTVIEW’s newsletter. In doing so, Users will receive updates on cryptocurrency and other events on the Platform. Users are informed that they may unsubscribe, at any time, to the newsletter by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link integrated into each communication received from KRYPTVIEW.

During their navigation on the Platform, Users must still comply with the rules set forth in these Terms of Use.

The Platform may offer them access to third party websites, subject to their own terms of use. In this regard, please refer to section 15.4 for further details.

When clicking on a third-party website link, Users shall carefully read the terms and conditions of such websites.

6.2 Description of Member Features

KRYPTVIEW constantly works to offer its Members new Features. As a new Platform on the market, Members are informed that some of the Member Features described below may still be under development and not yet fully functional.

KRYPTVIEW may offer to its Members the following Features:

  • Creating, editing, and completing the Profile: when registering, each Member is given a public Profile accessible to the Community on the Platform. All Members will have the ability to edit and complete their Profile throughout their use of their personal Account.

When editing or completing their Profile, Members can (i) change their username, (ii) connect their Account to their social media accounts, (iii) add a description to their Profile.

  • Connect personal wallet: Members can connect their personal digital assets wallet to the Platform to qualify for Rewards and prices in the conditions described in these Terms of Use.
  • Creating Portfolios: through the use of their Account, Members have the ability to create Portfolios, which can be either fictional or reproduce their personal portfolio.

Members are informed that their Portfolios are accessible to the Community on the Platform, just as they can access other Members’ Portfolios on the Platform. 

  • Access to other Members Portfolios.
  • Scoring Cryptocurrencies: the purpose of the Platform is to provide the Community with qualitative and quantitative information on Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, in order to contribute to the Community, Members can:
    • Edit and publish Scorings, that will be reviewed by peers, e., other Members of the Community. Scorings edited and published by Members must be accurate, relevant to the Cryptocurrency subject to the Scoring. Scorings are subject to compliance with the Code of Good Conducts as provided by these Terms of Use and must be strictly related to the Cryptocurrency under review.
    • Review other Members’ Scorings. Reviews of other Members’ Scorings must be accurate, relevant, and strictly linked to the initial object of the Scoring under review. Reviews of a Scoring by Members are subject to compliance with the Code of Good Conduct as provided by these Terms of Use.
    • Access to Community validated Scorings on the Platform. Through their Account, Members can easily access to a wide range of Scorings validated by Members and made available to the Community.
  • Getting Rewards: the Platform is made available to Members on a research-to-earn basis, meaning Members contribute to the Platform and will be rewarded for it.
  • Accessing the Member ranking system: Members contributing to the Platform are publicly ranked from Bronze I to Elite. For more information, please see the “Rewards and online contests” Article of the Terms of Use.
  • Participating to online contests: Members have the ability to participate to online contests organized by KRYPTVIEW and win prices. For more information, please consult the “Rewards and online contests” Article of the Terms of Use.


7.1 Contributing to the Community and getting Rewards

Members are encouraged to contribute to the content of the Platform. In this respect, KRYPTVIEW plans to issue its own token, the $KVT, which will be notably distributed as Rewards to Members sharing Contributions on the Platform. 

However, this functionality has not yet been implemented since the $KVT has not been launched yet. Members will be made aware once the $KVT will be available on the Platform and will be informed on how to get $KVT from their Account.

7.2 Access to the Member ranking system

As a system designed to reward contributing Members, Members with higher ranks require fewer validations for their Scorings and carry more weightage when Reviewing a Scoring. Similarly, Members unlock greater Rewards as they progress in the ranking system, as described below.

The Member rankings are distributed across different tiers, including:

  • Unranked
  • Bronze: 3 levels
  • Silver: 3 levels
  • Gold: 3 levels
  • Platinium: 3 levels
  • Master: 3 levels
  • Elite: 1 level

7.3 Participating to online contests

KRYPTVIEW may organize online contests on the Platform for Members to participate and try to win prices.

Each online contest organized through the Platform is subject to specific terms and conditions that must be accepted by each Member participating to the online contest.


Registration to the Platform is free for all Users.

However, KRYPTVIEW reserves the right to add paid services on the Platform (“Fee-based services”), such as but not limited to developing and offering:

  • a premium version of its Platform, that could be subject to a paid subscription.
  • additional Member Features or other paid services on the Platform.

In such case, Members will be informed of new Fee-based services and will be able to subscribe at the price that will be indicated on the Platform and at the time of subscription to such Fee-based services.

Payment and subscription conditions will also be set out in specific terms and conditions or in the offer presenting a Fee-based service on the Platform.

Members will have the possibility to subscribe to Fee-based services by accepting their specific terms and conditions and subject to the payment of their subscription fees.


The code of good conducts (“Code of Good Conducts”) is applicable to all Users when using the Features offered by the Platform.

9.1 General rule

Users guarantee KRYPTVIEW that the information they provide on the Platform is accurate, relevant, as unbiased as possible, and reflects their views as objectively as possible.

Users are prohibited, when using the Features, from engaging in acts of any kind whatsoever that would be contrary to applicable laws and regulations, undermine public order, or infringe KRYPTVIEW’s or any third party’s rights.

9.2 Specific rules related to the use of the Platform by Users

While the list mentioned below could not be considered limitative, Users agree to:

  • Use the Platform in a fair manner, in compliance with its initial purposes and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Communicate accurate information through their personal Account, where they have one, especially regarding their Profile and Contributions.
  • Use their real identity when registering on the Platform. In all cases, Users wishing to register and create an Account shall have reached the age of numerical majority applicable in their country of residence, as set out in these Terms of Use.
  • Comply with and respect the intellectual property rights relating to the Platform, the Features, and its contents (such as Contributions, videos, photos, other publications, etc.).

Additionally, Users commit:

  • Not to interfere, in any way and by any means whatsoever, with the normal performance of the Platform and its Features.
  • Not to publish information, contents or Contributions that may infringe KRYPTVIEW’s or other third parties’ rights.
  • Not to broadcast, publish or spread information, contents, Contributions, that could be considered defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive, violent, or inciting to violence, discriminatory, hateful, inciting for terrorism, revisionism, having a pornographic, political, racist, discriminatory, or xenophobic character and, in general, any content that could be deemed contrary to applicable laws and regulations in force, to dignity, public order or common decency.
  • Not to broadcast, publish or spread any content, information or Contribution that may infringe the rights of third parties such as the right to privacy, the right of one’s image / reputation or professional secrecy.
  • Not to publish online any content, photographs, or any other Personal data of a third party.
  • Not to social networks links or any other Personal data in order to use them or disclose them in any way (g., to send marketing communications or make a database available for third parties), whether for free or not, without having obtained the express and prior consent from concerned Members.
  • Not to broadcast, publish or spread messages that would intentionally or unintentionally damage the reputation of KRYPTVIEW, the Community or any other third-party.
  • Not to publish messages, advertisements or any other content that could be considered as commercial or promotional in nature and that would not relate to the purpose of the Platform.
  • Not to commit any action that could be considered as unfair competition towards KRYPTVIEW.

Finally, to fight against spam, fraud and deceptive practices, KRYPTVIEW prohibits:

  • Any abusive report by Users.
  • Any content or practice of an advertising nature (g., canvassing) carried out by Users on the Platform.
  • Spam and/or contents diffusing viruses published or made available on the Platform, by any means whatsoever.
  • Any misuse of the Platform’s Features for the purpose of swindling, deception or fraud.

9.3 Specific rules related to the Contributions and other contents published by Members

The Platform aims to provide its Community with qualitative and peer reviewed Contributions on Cryptocurrencies. To do so, the Platform relies on its Members.

Therefore, when publishing content or submitting Contributions on the Platform, Members undertake to comply with the following requirements:

  • All Contributions submitted to the Platform must be accurate, relevant, as unbiased as possible, and related to the Cryptocurrency under review.
  • All Contributions should aim to provide useful insights, information on the Cryptocurrency under review.

Also, Members shall refrain from publishing contents or Contributions that could:

  • Harm the legitimate interests of any third-party whatsoever, harm or risk harming their physical or mental integrity, in any way or by any mean whatsoever.
  • Be deemed discriminatory, illegal, or contrary to good morals.


In the event of a breach of these Terms of Use, and the rules of the Code of Good Conducts, KRYPTVIEW reserves the right, without prior notice, to:

  • Temporarily suspend the Member’s Account on the Platform.
  • Deactivate and/or delete the Member’s Account, permanently.
  • Refuse or delete a disputed content or Contribution.
  • Communicate to competent public authorities all documents, contents, information, or materials available on the Platform, upon request or in case of a legal proceeding carried out against the Member.

The above-mentioned penalties shall apply in accordance with and within limitations or restrictions provided by applicable laws and regulations.

The above-mentioned penalties are not exclusive of legal, criminal, or civil proceedings that could be brought against a Member who has breached the provisions of these Terms of Use, or who has infringed KRYPTVIEW’s or third parties’ rights.


11.1 Deactivation or deletion at the Member’s initiative

Members have the ability to deactivate their Account at any time, by contacting KRYPTVIEW at: contact@kryptview.com.

Once operational, a specific functionality should allow Members to deactivate their accounts directly from the Platform.

Once deactivated, Members will lose access to their Accounts and other Member Features and will only be able to access User Features.

Members will have the possibility to request the reactivation of their Account for one (1) year starting from the date of deactivation.

Once the above-mentioned period has expired, the personal Account will be permanently deleted and former Members wishing to sign in on the Platform will have to go through a new registration process.

11.2 Deactivation or deletion at KRYPTVIEW’s initiative

In the event of a breach by the Member of these Terms of Use, or illegal use of the Platform, KRYPTVIEW reserves the right to deactivate the Member’s Account temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

Such deactivation shall be without prejudice to any damages that KRYPTVIEW may claim in the event of illegal use of the Platform or use in breach of the rules set out in these Terms of Use.

Upon deactivation, KRYPTVIEW may retain some of the Member’s personal data in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions in force, in particular for the purpose of gathering evidence or conducting investigations, where necessary. Further information on the retention periods applied by KRYPTVIEW may be found in our Privacy Policy.

11.3 Deactivation or deletion in case of extended inactivity on the Account

KRYPTVIEW has set out technical rules that allow for the detection of “inactive” Accounts.

An Account will be considered “inactive” if a Member has not logged in for a consecutive period of two (2) years following the Member’s last connection.

In this event, KRYPTVIEW may, without prior notice, deactivate the Member’s Account and Profile.

The content, information, and personal data available through the Member’s Account will be stored for one (1) year from the date of deactivation in order to allow the Member to ask for reactivation of his/her Account.

After one (1) year following deactivation, the Account and its contents will be permanently deleted.


12.1 Description of KRYPTVIEW’s commitments

KRYPTVIEW undertakes to make its Platform accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, subject to the preventive, corrective or progressive maintenance necessary to ensure its performance, security, and improvement.

Under these Terms of Use, KRYPTVIEW will deploy its best efforts to ensure:

  • The confidentiality of the Platform and its contents (including Users’ personal data).
  • The security of the Platform and its contents (including Users’ personal data).

In order to do so, KRYPTVIEW implements technical and organizational measures to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity, availability of the Platform and its contents, including Members’ personal data, Accounts and Contributions.

However, despite best efforts, KRYPTVIEW cannot guarantee Users the total reliability of the measures implemented due to the unavoidable risks that may arise in particular from the transmission of contents and/or personal data on the Internet.

Therefore, KRYPTVIEW shall not be held liable for any errors, interruptions of service, lack of availability of the Platform or its contents and/or existence of viruses on its Platform. In this respect, KRYPTVIEW is bound by an obligation of means.

12.2 Description of Users’ responsibilities towards the security of the Platform

Users are responsible towards KRYPTVIEW and other third parties regarding their use of the Platform and Accounts, where applicable.

Specifically, Members use their personal Account under their responsibility. In doing so, Members are responsible to ensure the confidentiality of their Logins, in accordance with the recommendations set out in these Terms of Use.

Users are responsible for the availability, performance and security of their information and equipment used to access the Platform. Consequently, KRYPTVIEW shall not be held liable for any virus or malicious program, fraudulent or otherwise, affecting Members’ equipment used to access the Platform.

Furthermore, KRYPTVIEW shall not be held liable in the event of malfunction, inability to access or poor conditions of use of the Platform due to unsuitable equipment, internal malfunctions of Members’ Internet service provider, congestion of Members’ Internet network or any other reasons beyond KRYPVIEW’s control.


13.1 Processing of Users’ personal data

During their use of the Features, Users may disclose personal data that will be processed by KRYPTVIEW under the conditions set out in our Privacy Policy.

Users have rights regarding the processing of their personal data, such as: a right to access, to rectify, to delete or to ask for portability of their personal data. Users may also request the limitation of the processing of their personal data or object to such processing.

These rights may be exercised by the following means:

  • By email: write to privacy@kryptview.com.
  • By postal mail: 7, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville – 93600 Aulnay-sous-Bois – France.

To protect the privacy and security of Members’ personal data, KRYPTVIEW may take reasonable steps to verify the Member’s identity before processing a request addressed by a Member.

All information regarding the processing of Users’ personal data is available through our Privacy Policy, as mentioned above.

If Members consider that their privacy rights are not complied with by KRYPTVIEW, they may always lodge a complaint to a competent data protection or supervisory authority.

13.2 Access by Members to other Members’ personal data

During their use of the Platform and their Account, Members may access to other Members’ personal data (such as their public Profile).

In doing so, Members undertakes to comply with the following requirements:

  • Members shall always keep the personal data they can access to confidential, meaning they shall not make copies or extract personal data from the Platform to reuse it for personal purposes, such as sending marketing communications or disclose sets of personal data in any way.
  • Members shall not try to impersonate another Member in any way or try to connect to another Member’s Account.
  • Members shall not use personal data of other Members in any way that is not intended by the initial purpose of the Platform.


14.1 KRYPTVIEW’s intellectual property rights

The Platform and all its components are protected under intellectual property laws. KRYPTVIEW is the owner of all these rights or holds the necessary authorizations to use, make available, edit, maintain, and host the Platform and its component. 

The Platform, as well as the software, database structures, texts, information and contents, analyses, images, photographs, graphics, logos, trademark, and any other elements contained on the Platform (the “Contents”) remain the exclusive property of KRYPTVIEW or, where applicable, of their respective owners with which KRYPTVIEW has concluded adequate licenses.

Consequently, any representation, reproduction or misuse of the Contents made without proper authorization from KRYPTVIEW is illegal.

Users are not allowed to copy, reproduce, download, “screen scrape”, store, transmit, transfer, broadcast, publish, modify, create a derivative work from, disclose, display, perform, distribute, redistribute, sell, license, rent, lease or otherwise use the Contents without the prior written authorization of KRYPTVIEW, subject to legal actions. 

14.2 Users’ license for the use of the Platform and its Contents

KRYPTVIEW grants Users a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Platform and its Contents in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and limited to the Features made available to Users or Members.

This license of use is granted by KRYPTVIEW, free of charge, for the duration of the use of the Platform by Users and for the entire world.

Users shall refrain, in particular but not limited to, from:

  • Reproducing and/or represent, download, sell, publish, translate, adapt, distribute, disclose and/or communicate in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any Content made available on the Platform.
  • Introducing contents or elements on the Platform that could modify or be likely to modify the substance, nature, or appearance of one or more Contents, the presentation, or the organization of the Platform, by any mean whatsoever.

14.3 Licenses granted by Members to KRYPTVIEW

Members retain ownership rights of their Contribution on the Platform, but they grant Kryptview a worldwide, sub-licensable, and transferable license to host, store, use, display, reproduce, modify, adapt, edit, publish and distribute such content for the purpose of operating, developing, providing, promoting, and improving the Platform and to research and develop new products and services.

The license described above is granted to KRYPTVIEW free of charge, for the entire world and for the entire duration of availability of the Contribution on the Platform.

The sub-license of use is granted for other Members of the Platform or partners of KRYPTVIEW, free of charge, for the duration of publication of Members’ Contributions on the Platform and for the entire world.

Members expressly authorize KRYPTVIEW to modify and adapt Member Contents in order to comply with the graphic charter of the Platform or other communication media as referred above and/or to make them compatible with its technical performance or formats of the media concerned.

14.4 Guarantee of ownership of intellectual property rights by Members and warranties

Members expressly guarantee KRYPTVIEW that they hold intellectual property rights on their Member Contents provided and published on the Platform, or that they hold the necessary rights and authorizations to use, provide and publish these Contents on the Platform.

In particular, Members expressly declare that they hold the intellectual property rights on all texts, logos, slogans, creations, photographs, videos and any other information or element that they may use or disclose in their Contributions or on the Platform.

As a result, each Member hereby guarantee KRYPTVIEW against any claim or action brought by third parties due to a violation of their rights, in particular with regard to intellectual property rights on the Member Contents provided and published on the Platform.

Should a claim or action be brought against KRYPTVIEW on this matter, all expenses incurred by its defense as well as fees, costs, charges, or damages to which KRYPTVIEW may be sentences to shall be borne entirely by the Member concerned.

14.5 Trademark

The trademarks displayed on the Platform are protected by trademark laws. The name and the logo KRYPTVIEW have been registered as French trademarks before the French Patent and Trademark Office (“the INPI”). They may not be reproduced by any User without express prior consent from the owner of such trademark rights.


15.1 Liability regarding contents published on the Platform

Users are informed that the Platform allows Members to post and share Contributions, texts, images, predictions, or other materials (the “Community Generated Content”).

KRYPTVIEW does not (i) endorse any Community Generated Content, (ii) does not verify the identity of a Member registered or the quality of contents or Contributions published, and (iii) may not screen, monitor or review all Community Generated Content. 

Therefore, KRYPTVIEW cannot guarantee the accuracy or relevance of Community Generated Content published on the Platform.

Members are fully responsible for the contents, Contributions and information they publish on their Profile and on the Platform.

Indeed, Members acknowledge that it is their responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information, contents and Contributions they publish on the Platform, especially regarding their Scorings and Reviews. Members are solely responsible for the content they provide, including but not limited to their compliance with these Terms of Use and applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Each Member shall be liable for any information, Contribution or content published or made available on the Platform and causing any damage to KRYPTVIEW, another Member or any other third-party.

15.2 Specific liability regarding the quality of the Contributions

Value and outcome of Contributions – Members are recalled that the Platform provides Community generated Content.

Members acknowledge and agree that by using the Platform, they might be exposed to contents that could be harmful, disrespectful, irritating, offensive, inaccurate, misleading, or in any form inappropriate.

KRYPTVIEW may not prescreen, review or moderate all Community-Generated Contents posted and shall not be liable of any of such content.

As a result, KRYPTVIEW shall not be held liable for any event occurring or related to Contributions or contents published on the Platform, including but not limited to events such as financial loss linked to a bad investment in cryptocurrency made in correlation with Contributions posted on the Platform.

Without limiting the foregoing, and to the extent permissible by applicable laws and regulations,  KRYPTVIEW reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to remove any Community-generated Content, without liability or the obligation to offer a refund, in any of the following events:

  • If the Community-generated Content is in breach of these Terms of Use.
  • If Kryptview has received a complaint or notice of infringement in respect of the Community-generated Content.
  • If the Community-generated Content is otherwise objectionable.

15.3 No investment advice

Any Content posted or made available on the Platform shall not be considered as financial advice, and Users fully understand and agree that they shall solely bear the risks of using the information from such content.

The Content provided on the Platform does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice endorsed by KRYPTVIEW, and Users should not treat any of the Platform’s contents as such.

Kryptview does not encourage Users to buy, sell or hold any Cryptocurrency. Any use or reliance on the Content is solely at the User’s own risk and discretion.

Kryptview’s Content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Users should conduct their own research, review, analysis, verify the contents available on the Platform and consult their financial advisor before relying on or using them, whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.

15.4 Liability regarding third-party websites or services

Users are informed that the Platform may contain links to third-party websites (“Third-party websites”), services, or platforms (“Third-party services”).

Third-party services accessible through the Platform shall not be considered by Users as an endorsement by KRYPTVIEW of such Third-party services. KRYPTVIEW does not verify, endorse, or shall not be held liable for Third-party services accessible on the Platform. User’s use of all links to Third-party websites is at his/her own risk. 

Users are encouraged to read, acknowledge, and understand the terms and conditions, and privacy policies, of each Third-party service they decide to use, browse, or subscribe to.

Users are responsible for taking precautions to ensure that whatever link they select or software they download (whether from the Platform or any other website or platform) is free of such items as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, defects and other destructive items.

15.5 Limitations of liability applicable to KRYPTVIEW

The Platform and its contents are made available by KRYPTVIEW on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any representation, warranty, or condition of any kind, express or implied, or any guarantee or assurance regarding the performance or availability of the Platform and its Features. 

Users further understands and acknowledge that the capacity of the Platform and its Features is limited. Consequently, the performance and use of the Platform and its Features by Users may be restricted, delayed, or suspended temporarily or definitely.

Users understand and agree that, to the fullest extent permissible by applicable laws and regulations, KRYPTVIEW shall not be held liable for any loss or damage, of any kind, direct or indirect, in connection with or arising from the use of the Platform and its Features or from these Terms of Use, including compensatory, consequential, incidental, indirect, special, or punitive damages.


Users are informed that some jurisdictions may not accept or allow some of the above-mentioned limitations of liability. Accordingly, and in such case, such limitations may not apply to such Users

15.6 Indemnification by Users

To the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, Users agree to indemnify, defend, and hold KRYPTVIEW harmless from and against any claim, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses arising in any way out of or directly linked to (i) their breach or violation of these Terms of Use or applicable laws and (ii) any third-party claims regarding their use of the Platform (including their Contributions or other postings on the Platform).


These Terms of Use shall come into force from their publication on the Platform.

These Terms of Use shall remain into force for the entire duration of use of the Platform by Users. 

Specifically, these Terms of Use apply to:

  • Users from their arrival on the Platform and for the duration of their visit.
  • Members from their registration process (which implies the express acceptation of these Terms of Use) and for the duration of their use of the Platform (through their personal Account).


17.1 Communication with Users

Newsletters – The Platform allows its Users to subscribe to KRYPTVIEW’s newsletter to receive events, news, and updates on the Platform and on cryptocurrency matters.

Users may unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the end of each newsletter received, or by exercising their right to object or withdraw their consent, as provided by our Privacy Policy.

17.2 Contact and support

The Platform also allows its Users to contact KRYPTVIEW’s teams by using the contact information mentioned on the Platform: contact@kryptview.com

17.3 Reporting and moderation on the Platform

Users are informed that KRYPTVIEW does not carry out automatic or systematic monitoring of the contents available on the Platform.

Users shall contact KRYPTVIEW to report illegal contents or contents in breach of the provisions set out in these Terms of Use by using the email address: contact@kryptview.com.

Any report of obviously abusive or unfounded content exposes its author to legal proceedings.

17.4 Severability

If one or more of the provisions set out in the Terms of Use should be found invalid under applicable laws or competent court order, such provision(s) shall be deemed unwritten, without invalidating the totality of these Terms of Use or affecting the validity of the remaining provisions.

The other provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain unchanged and shall continue to apply as if the null and void provision(s) were no longer contained herein, except where they should be considered indissociable from the provision(s) deemed unwritten. 

17.5 No waiver

The fact that one or both of the Parties do not claim the application of one or more provision(s) set out in these Terms of Use, or acknowledges their non-performance, whether permanently or temporarily, shall not be construed as a waiver by the Parties of the benefit of said provision(s).


18.1 Governing law of these Terms of Use

To the extent permitted by applicable provisions of International Law, these Terms of Use are governed by French Law.

However, some countries may have more protection national consumer laws that could require these Terms of Use to be govern by such local laws. The provision mentioned above does not override these laws.

18.2 Informal conflict resolution

The Parties undertake to seek and arbitrate any dispute arising between them informally, by using an out of court solution for settlement.

The term “dispute” shall mean any dispute, action or other controversy based on past, present, or future events arising between KRYPTVIEW and the User, whether it concerns the use of the Platform, its Features, or these Terms of Use.

In the event of a dispute, each Party shall send a formal prior notice of dispute to the other:

  • Users can send their notice by email or by postal mail by using the following contact information:

Email address: legal@kryptview.com

Postal address: 7, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville – 93600 Aulnay-sous-Bois – France

  • KRYPTVIEW shall, where applicable, send its formal notice to the contact information of the User it has collected during the registration process.

The conditions set out above do not apply to disputes relating to the ownership or enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The Parties shall always work in good faith to resolve any dispute or conflict.

If a dispute is not resolved within one (1) month, either of the Parties may choose to bring a formal proceeding according to the provisions mentioned below.

If the User is residing in a country within the European Union, the User may access the online dispute resolution platform managed by the European Commission here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

18.3 Governing jurisdiction


If a User resides in a country which has enforceable laws giving such User, as a consumer, the right to bring disputes to the national courts of his/her country of residence, the provisions mentioned above shall be analyzed in light of such User’s rights and shall not infringe such laws.