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Find the next
& Earn Great Rewards

Kryptview is the first Research-to-Earn platform for cryptos.

Collective Intelligence.

Kryptview is a peer-to-peer scoring platform for cryptos. Data is user-generated, peer-reviewed, and structuredAnyone contributing to the platform gets rewarded in $KVTs.

Analysis made

Our fundamental analysis tool guides you and scores any crypto.

Better Decision-

Base your decisions on hundreds of data points merging qualitative and
quantitative information.


View community portfolios for inspiration and share yours. Get rewarded if it performs well!

By the best.

One token.The $KVT.

The $KVT rewards builders of collective intelligence.

One person may have an opinion.
The community has the knowledge.

Gatekeeping the App

Holding and locking $KVTs is required to access advanced data, post scorings, and review community contributions. This protects the app against bots, spammers, and shillers. It also incentivizes the existing community to generate quality data to attract new users.

Rewarding the Community

Every week, contributors are rewarded with $KVTs for their inputs. Contributions yield Reward Points ("RP") that determine each user’s share of the reward pool at the end of every session.

Driving Engagement

As a community-driven project, Kryptview aims at making the $KVT the linchpin of its ecosystem. Other perks associated with holding $KVTs shall be released as the project progresses.

is easy.

You just need the right community.

Kryptview is a bustling community of avid crypto users. No matter your level of expertise, you can join, hone your skills, discover new exciting cryptos, and monetize your time researching. Events are organized regularly to promote education with sector experts and promising projects.

Not going to the Moon. Only to 2050.

Q2 & Q3 2021

Defining the concept
Building the initial community

Q4 2021

Pre-Seed Round 1/2 of c. USD 350k
Development of a platform prototype

Q1 2022

Onboarding of marketing partner
Pre-seed round 2/2 - total c. USD 650k
Onboarding of advisors
Platform development
Deployment of smart contracts in testnet
Smart contracts audit with Certik

Q2 2022

Private Alpha Testing 1.0
Platform improvement
$KVT Private sale

Q3 2022

Public Alpha Testing 2.0
Marketing launch

Q4 2022

Beta Release
Platform improvement

Q1 2023

Platform improvement
Kryptview API


NFT coverage
Mobile application
Advanced research